Workforce Recruitment Solutions

  • Recruitment has been and will continue to be a contact sport!  And like most contact sports, you must be first prepared in order to win.  At DKON, we view recruiting as a continuous cycle of tactics, and efforts designed to attract, acclimate and to maximize the strengths of your workforce.  
    • Search and identify mid to executive level talent 
    • Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategy 
    • Staffing Leadership Coaching

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Consulting

Employee Resource Groups (EGRs) are composed of talent from within all levels of an organization, more importantly ERGs play an important role in shaping an organizations DEAI strategies by harnessing their unique power and perspective to shape successful business outcomes. DKON Consulting Group helps organizations design frameworks, provide executive sponsor development, toolkits, and summit development.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Emotional-behavioral intelligence is how effectively we understand and express ourselves, understand others and relate to them while coping with the daily demands and cultural shifts resulting from past and recent events that show up in our personal lives and workplace.  Organizational performance increases when leaders are equipped with the tools to lead, manage and collaborate effectively across these shifts.  DKON Consulting Group works with governance boards, executive teams and individuals and delivers tools to maximize organizational performance.  We provide customized Emotional-Behavioral Intelligence education, coaching and consulting to increase performance and improve success. Our certified consultants utilize the EQ-i 2.0 assessment, as well as others assessment tools, that equip leaders and teams with tools that heighten self-awareness and manage conflict effectively. We specialize in crisis management, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan Development

The development of a strategic plan for your Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) efforts is just as critical as the development of a strategic plan for any other business, division, or functional unit.  DKON Consulting Group will work with you and your leadership team to develop a strategic DEAI plan that is in alignment with your organization’s overall strategic business plan and illustrates how your D&I efforts contribute to the same bottom line.

Benchmark Studies

No other business initiative would be developed or rolled out without solid research behind it.  Similarly, your DEAI efforts should rest on a foundation of solid research and use various types of research to help build and refine it as it grows.  The DKON Consulting Group team provides you with customized research for your DEAI needs, whether it be in the form of a climate survey, benchmarking study, or the research of a solid business case document.  Our experienced team of consultants  will find the latest sources of information to build research that best fits your workforce needs.

Client Success storY

A hyper growth digital marketing SEO provider wanted to increase the compositional diversity of its growing workforce. We implemented a provocative workshop that incorporates a real life glimpse and unpacking of how implicit bias can seep into the interview process. This resulted in a comprehensive Employee Resource Playbook which provided the framework that served as the  launch of 3 inaugural employee resource groups, and governance council.